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 Julie O'Brien Design Group—Profile, Summer 2012

 “It should come as no surprise to clients of Julie O’Brien that, before the award-winning designer began creating compelling interiors, she studied dance in college. Since launching her company more than two decades ago, O’Brien has brought an artist’s sensibility to each project, interpreting the desires of homeowners the same way that a dancer brings to life a piece of music. “I’ve found that by spending enough time with people, and absorbing who they are, that I can reflect that vision back to my clients,” says the owner of Julie O’Brien Design Group. “I work hard to make the client feel heard and supported.” That’s not the only reason why the firm’s thoughtful, timeless designs have long resonated in Chicago, as well as in major cities from coast to coast. O’Brien and her team of experienced and highly creative professionals deliver expertise in all areas of design—from interior architecture and detailing to color work and furnishings. That level of understanding results in spaces, no matter the size or complexity, that are seamless, livable and fully integrated. “I’m classic enough in the elements I use—whether it’s contemporary, traditional or transitional—that it can last a long, long time,” she says. It’s no wonder that Julie O’Brien Design Group has captured more than 40 industry awards, including the International Interior Design Association’s “Best Idea for Residential Design” honor in consecutive years.” 


“Environments must speak to the beauty and solace people seek in their personal lives; that’s what I always strive for.”


What are the key influences in your work today?

Internationally, we are more aware than ever of Eastern and Middle Eastern cultures, which is creeping into my work. Equally compelling: the need for peace and restoration.

What are your favorite types of styles to work on and why?

I don’t feel attached to a single style. My personal style may be eclectic, but my clients range from very modern to very traditional—and everything in between.

How do you think your clients would characterize you?

Dependable, honest and creative. The process is a bit mysterious to most people; I want them to understand every step and feel that I’m taking care of everything for them.



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