Design Services

Interior design / interior architectural services, expertly rendered

Julie O’Brien Design Group offers comprehensive interior design and interior architectural services. But we begin right where you are. With a brief assessment, we can guide you on the right path. Help you with as much or as little as you would like.

Highly experienced and still a joy to work with:

  1. Consultation—advice, assessment, selection and some specification

  2. Space Planning—workflow, life flow; furniture inventory, layout and placement

  3. Interior Design—color, concept, visualization; construction plans and specification for new home, remodels, offices, kitchens, bedrooms and baths including cabinetry, furnishing, walls, flooring, fabrics, tile, windows and lighting

  4. Interior Architecture—concept, use of space, ergonomics, construction materials, architectural finishes, electrical requirements, lighting, plumbing and ventilation; CAD assisted visualization, construction plans and specification. Support for all stages of the construction process, from the initial plans through to finishing touches.

  5. Project Management—estimating, planning, budgets; coordinating the trades and professionals

  6. Acquisition—ordering and procurement; shopping trips; artwork and accessories selection and buying

Each project is unique. But we invite you to start the conversation. Julie will be happy to meet with you by appointment.

Bundled services for every stage of life:

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